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What People Are Saying

"Inflamed by Shelly Malone, speaks to anyone who has left the doctors office feeling more uncertain about what their symptoms mean and what they can do to not only feel better, but get better.

With humor, insight and honest vulnerability about her own struggle through the painful symptoms and diagnosis of rheumatoid arthritis, Shelly takes the reader on a journey, excavating both lies and truths into the root causes of autoimmune disease and other chronic conditions. Offering the reader a powerful, sound and practical road map (along with a completely brilliant tool kit section!) she helps them see beyond the statistics of a diagnosis and begin their own journey back to health.


This is an exceptional resource for people who not only suffer from autoimmune and other chronic disease, but for those looking to prevent them as well!"

Dawn DeSylvia, MD

"Inflamed is a must read for anyone interested in creating a healthy lifestyle for themselves and their family. I try to make healthy decisions, but never sure what the best choices really are. Inflamed, finally puts the key information into one book and makes sense of the, "leaky gut, gluten free, GMO, etc..." discussions that leave us non-nutritionists overwhelmed.

Not only is it an interesting and fast read, the author includes an awesome Tool kit to help you take these first steps of living a healthier life. The book is extremely educational. It explains the science behind the various sicknesses and reactions that are caused by certain foods in a way that is easy to understand, but it's not full of dumbed down examples that plague other informational books. That was refreshing.

For my entire life, stomach aches have been a norm but tolerable. I'm aware that I'm gluten sensitive, but would rather deal with mild stomach discomfort, than join those people who live a life of limitations (in my mind). I like to enjoy life, I like to eat, I like wine. It also just seemed too hard of a change. In the past two years I've developed debilitating inflammation, which none of a dozen specialists have been able to explain or give hope of ever getting better. I know it's time to turn away from the medicine and look towards changing my diet, and this book is exactly the tool that I need to finally make the long awaited change. I am thankful that someone was passionate enough to put all this information in one place and make it easier for me to help my body be its best."

Jennifer S. 

"As someone with little to no knowledge of nutrition, I really value the information in this book and have changed my lifestyle and eating habits because of the information shared. Many articles I've read give information, but not in layman's terms - and they don't make suggestions on how to change. This book covers it all - in a way that makes it VERY easy to understand and apply in real life.

I'm thankful to not have autoimmune or chronic diseases but with some dietary changes, as suggested in the book, in just a few weeks, I'm already feeling better! The more you know, the better decisions you'll be able to make... and this is a GREAT starting point!

If you're currently having issues, this is a no brainer - but I highly recommend to EVERYONE. Easy and smart way to learn more about what you put in your body, on your body and in your surroundings."

Sharon S. 

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